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C.A.P. ACCREDITED #34182-01 State of Michigan License #2238 Interstate License #21-1103

Histology Associates is acutely focused on delivering evidence-based, accurate, and highly accredited Pathology services. We are a national, full-service Anatomic Pathology Laboratory, licensed in all 50 states. Our commitment to excellence is backed by 30 years of experience providing gross and microscopic examination on surgical specimens. We are accredited by the College of American Pathologists, licensed by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act, and are a proud Corporate Partner of the APMA and the AAWP.

Our lab was founded in 1982 by a Pathologist who was responsible for developing Residency programs in local Hospitals and supporting their needs. From the very beginning, we have always employed highly qualified laboratory personnel with the expertise to handle a wide variety of specimens and complex procedures.

Our mission is to provide our Physicians with a timely and clear diagnosis, holding ourselves to the highest quality of laboratory standards while maintaining professional, friendly relationships with our Physicians, their staff, and their patients.

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Podiatric Pathology Lab Sciences

Since we are a full-service anatomic pathology lab specializing in podiatric medicine, we issue reports on a variety of specimens from the lower limbs including but not limited to: Bone, cysts, tumors, skin, soft tissue, nails, and foreign bodies. Our board certified pathologist’s reports assist in the treatment of degenerative issues, malignancies, fungus of the nail and skin, tendonitis, verrucae, or any other diseases.

For the diagnosis of onychomycosis and fungal studies, we utilize a KOH and PAS (Periodic Acid-Schiff) stain; this procedure tags the glycogen present in fungi and yeast. The traditional method of doing C & S Cultures shows that the microbiological method of swabbing the surface of the nail often results in a large percentage of false negatives (Journal of the APMA, Vol. 95 Number 3 258-263 2005). This is because the organisms are frequently within the nail substance and not on its surface. On the other hand, the KOH/PAS Stain process that we use tags the organisms that are within the nail. The positive yield is increased when the specimen is taken from obvious lesions and/or near the skin corner.

Our fungal biopsy reports on mycotic nails or skin are to demonstrate specifically the presence or absence of fungi, bacteria or yeast. The pathology report that provides identification of fungi is one of the requirements for many insurance companies in the treatment of mycotic nails. Clinical documentation and evidence is then available for your patients’ records.

diagram of nail microscopic slide of onychomycosis


Podiatric Services

Quality Assurance

Our testing accuracy is ensured by rigorous internal and external audits.

For quality assurance we follow CAP guidelines which requires strict adherence to proper handling, processing and reporting of all specimens.

Insurance Billing
We participate with all third party insurers and bill them directly for our services, relieving you and your patients of billing difficulties. Histology was chosen by Blue Cross Blue Shield to be a PPO (Plus) participant, and also participates with many other insurances including Medicare, United Health Care, PHP, PPOM, PHCS, 1st Health, PHS Networks and many more. We are very accommodating to patients. If they are experiencing a hardship, we work with them.
Personal Attention
You will have access to our technical staff, pathologist, client services, and billing department by calling our toll-free number: 800-444-PLab (7522).
Patient Payments

Pay your bill online throught our secure payment portal

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We supply all the necessary materials for the shipment of specimens, including individual mailing containers and padded envelopes.

We also pay all postage and shipping fees and have a variety of shipping options tailored to suit your office's needs.

Report & Turn-Around-Time
A comprehensive pathology report on any type of anatomic surgical specimen is issued by a board certified pathologist within 48-72 hours of receipt of specimen. Reports can be mailed, faxed or emailed and a verbal preliminary report is available upon request within 24 hours. Any abnormal findings will immediately be reported by telephone to the attending physician. A microscopic high resolution image of the specimen can be printed on your reports at no additional cost to your patients' insurances.
Professional Consultation

We have been processing podiatric pathology specimens for 35 years.

Any hospital lab or large clinical lab that does everything but specializes in nothing will not give you the personalized service that we can give you.

Our board certified pathologists and technical specialists are readily available by telephone.

Manual & Forms

Histology Associates Manual
Proper Handling of Surgical Specimens
  • Proper identification of the specimen and its anatomic location is of utmost importance in order to assure accurate reporting of results.
    It is absolutely imperative that the pathologist receive all the pertinent information regarding the lesion to be examined.
  • Tissue that is removed surgically must be properly preserved.
    This is necessary in order to obtain quality microscopic sections for the demonstration of morphological alterations.
  • Do not allow the tissue to dry — place in the fixative immediately after removal, the fixative should completely cover the specimen.
  • Histology Associates provides all necessary supplies at no additional cost.

Caution: Specimen jars may contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is toxic if inhaled or swallowed. It is irritating to the eyes, respiratory system and skin. There is risk of serious damage to the eyes. It may cause cancer and repeated or prolonged exposure increases the risk. If formaldehyde accidentally contacts the eye or skin, wash immediately with large amounts of water and seek medical attention.

Mailing Instructions for Transporting Specimens
Surgical Specimens
  1. Place surgically removed tissue (i.e. skin, soft tissue, bone, nail, etc.) in supplied specimen bottle with 10% formalin or Prefer.
    Bottles containing liquid must be placed in a plastic bag and sealed prior to mailing.
    It is not necessary to refrigerate.
  2. Place dry nail clippings or skin scrapings in plastic bag and seal.
    If sending nail clippings and skin scrapings from the same patient, submit each specimen in its own container with its own requisition form and label accordingly.
  3. Affix a label to the specimen bottle or bag and complete all information on the label including:
    • Patient’s full name and date of birth
    • Date of service
    • Specimen source
    • Physician’s name
  4. Complete information requested on the pathology specimen requisition form. Make sure to include the following:
    • Patient’s full name, date of birth, and sex
    • Date of service
    • Select which procedures you would like performed
    • Specimen source
    • Pre-op diagnosis
    • Any pertinent clinical information
  5. The specimen bottle or bags with the properly completed label affixed should be placed in one of the provided bubble mailing envelopes along with the pathology specimen requisition form.
  6. Drop the bubble mailing envelope in a United States Postal Service (USPS) Mailbox, drop it off at your local post office, or simply give it to your office’s mail carrier. If expedited shipping is preferred a FedEx account can be set up by request.


Quality Assurance Program
Handling of Specimens
  • All specimens are accessioned. They are assigned a 6 digit I.D. number which is computerized as a permanent record of identity throughout all phases of processing and preparation.
  • Hematoxylin and Eosin (H & E) stains as well as all special stains are validated by known controls.
  • Cases are randomly reviewed by a second pathologist every six months for quality assurance.
Second Opinions
  • When indicated, an outside consultant may be utilized to confirm a diagnoses.

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Established in 1982, Histology Associates is an independent laboratory located in South Eastern Michigan in the Detroit suburb of St. Clair Shores.

Having maintained our independence through the years has allowed us to cater to our clients’ individual needs, and allowed our clients to stay independent.

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